Announcing the 2024 Fourth Revolution Awards Finalists: Recognizing Innovation and Excellence in Hardtech and Manufacturing

Illinois Manufacturers’ Association and Lion Electric to be recognized as champions of manufacturing innovation alongside a lineup of 25 award finalists.

(CHICAGO, February 29, 2024) – mHUB announces finalists for the 2024 Fourth Revolution Awards, an annual celebration honoring the region’s most innovative hardtech startups, organizations, and manufacturers. Winners will be announced at the March 13 Fourth Revolution Awards Reception, with the exception of the Rising Star Award, whose finalists will pitch live at the mHUB HardTech Summit the following day.

This year, a record number of submissions were received, underscoring the continued growth of hardtech innovation in the region since the Awards’ inception in 2017. Winners will receive two three-month shared workspace memberships at mHUB, local and national recognition, and opportunities to network with leaders of the region’s growing innovation ecosystem.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, characterized by the convergence of physical product development and digital processes, is redefining global economies and industries. Automation, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other advancements are ushering in a new era defined by efficiency, inclusion, precision, and innovation. Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing climate action, healthcare, and the manufacturing sector, presenting unprecedented opportunities for change-makers across the region.

Meet the 2024 Fourth Revolution Awards Finalists:

Community Empowerment Award:
Recognizes an organization that has showcased exemplary leadership in championing diversity, equity, and inclusion within innovative technology and manufacturing innovation spaces.

Excellence in Engineering:
Recognizes an individual engineer’s visionary thinking, technical prowess, and unwavering commitment to driving innovation and transformative ideas.

Innovation of the Year:
Recognizes groundbreaking technology that has caused significant disruption within its industry.

Rising Star Award:
Recognizes an early-stage startup for its innovation, creativity, and position as the next great hardtech company to emerge in the region.

Small & Medium-Sized Manufacturer of the Year:
Recognizes a corporation or business that has made an impact on manufacturing through community focused efforts and significant financial investment throughout the region.

Industry Award Recipients

The Fourth Revolution Awards also seeks to recognize exemplary leadership at the forefront of digital and technological transformation with the following honorary awards:

Manufacturer of the Year: Lion Electric

Lion Electric will receive the honorary Manufacturer of the Year Award for its exceptional contributions to the manufacturing landscape. Established in 2008, Lion Electric has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the transportation industry. Specializing in the design and production of all-electric urban commercial trucks from class 5 to class 8, as well as electric buses and minibuses, Lion Electric stands out for its commitment to environmental sustainability and community impact. The company’s dedication to innovative production processes, from manufacturing chassis to battery packs and powertrains, showcases a comprehensive approach to zero-emission vehicles. Lion Electric receives this recognition for its investment in cutting-edge technologies, significant financial commitment to manufacturing capacity, and its transformative contributions to the industry’s excellence, innovation, and environmental responsibility.

Corporate Champion: Illinois Manufacturers Association

The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association (IMA) will receive the honorary Corporate Champion Award for its transformative contributions to the manufacturing sector. As one of the largest state manufacturing trade associations, the IMA is committed to shepherding manufacturers through digital transformation, creating positive economic conditions, and positioning the state’s manufacturers to lead in practices that will shape the future. The IMA acts as an important intermediary between manufactures and the public sector to be a unifying voice for manufacturing in Illinois.

Join the Ecosystem at the mHUB HardTech Summit

The Fourth Revolution Awards will kick off the mHUB HardTech Summit, serving as a nexus for networking and celebration by bringing together finalists, industry luminaries, stakeholders, and the vibrant mHUB community.

On March 14, the mHUB HardTech Summit will attract hundreds of attendees to a day long program showcasing 50+ mHUB companies featuring their hardtech alongside 25+ startup founder pitches, panels with industry experts, and engaging fireside conversations. The summit highlights regional advancements in smart and sustainable manufacturing, healthcare, clean energy solutions, and related industries.

Learn More and Register for the Fourth Revolution Awards Reception & HardTech Summit

The Fourth Revolution Awards and mHUB HardTech Summit are made possible by sponsors including Omron Electronic Components-Americas, Milwaukee Tool, Dell Technologies, KPMG, BCBS of IL, Executive Construction Inc., J.P. Morgan, Siemens, Flex, West Monroe, Proven IT, and Ingredion Incorporated.

About mHUB

mHUB is a leading independent hardtech and manufauring innovation center that exists to convene the entrepreneurial ecosystem around physical product innovation to ensure that the manufacturing industry continues to accelerate, grow and thrive. The mHUB community includes over 500 active and alumni startups and small businesses supported by a deep talent pool of product designers and developers, entrepreneurs, engineers and manufacturers, corporate leaders, industry experts, mentors and investors. mHUB provides a hyper-resourced environment to entrepreneurs with the goal of commercializing new hardtech innovation that will lead to new businesses, intellectual property, investment, revenue, and job creation. Since launching in 2017, the mHUB community has generated more than $1.14B in revenue, launched more than 1,502 products, hired more than 5,193 employees, and raised over $1.49B in capital. The mHUB Product Impact Fund is a $15M venture fund that invests in seed and early-stage physical product companies from around the world who participate in mHUB’s 6-month long, hands-on accelerator programs. To date, mHUB has invested in 36 startups across sustainable manufacturing, climate and energytech and medtech.

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