2021 Product of the Year Award Public Voting

Voting closes on Thursday, September 16th at 5:00PM.

Cast your vote to recognize a product design that is unique, improves user experience, and has an impact on productivity and the greater good. The winner will be announced via video on the mHUB and MxD social channels on October 7th!

Finalists for the Product of the Year 2021 are:

Aquamox: Eco Food Wash

Aquamox’s Eco Food Wash is a chemical-free fruit and vegetable antimicrobial solution for commercial kitchens looking for a sustainable alternative without compromising efficacy or budget. Extremely safe to use and easy to integrate, ozonated water generated by our proprietary ozone technology provides the last line of defense against foodborne illness outbreaks that could result in revenue loss and brand damages. In addition, ozonated water does not affect the odor or taste of the food and will dissipate within a few minutes upon contact, leaving no residues.

Enduvo: Enduvo 1.0

Enduvo is a powerfully simple, immersive content authoring and delivery platform that gives people and organizations a better way to teach, learn and collaborate. It removes the complexity, inflexibility and high cost associated with developing content using AR/VR technologies. Enduvo allows anyone to create and share immersive experiences in minutes, without technical training and at a fraction of the cost.

Rhaeos: FlowSense

Rhaeos is a clinical stage, VC backed medical device company developing FlowSense, a platform noninvasive wireless, wearable skin patch that assesses flow throughout the body. The company is initially targeting hydrocephalus, a life threatening condition caused by an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid. Implantable shunts (gold standard treatment) often fail, leading to multiple trips to the emergency room and surgeries. FlowSense is a thermal sensor that attaches on patients’ skin over the shunt to detect shunt flow in minutes, bedside, without capital equipment.

Vertex Software: Vertex

Vertex is a future-ready cloud platform that connects people, processes, and data across the enterprise. We enable companies to rapidly create connected and intelligent 3D visualization experiences that improve efficiencies, drive growth, and accelerate digital transformation. We help manufacturers leverage product data anywhere in the lifecycle to create engaging experiences for factory floor, field service, sales, and product development use cases. Manufacturers use Vertex to provide purpose-built, 3D digital twin applications to any user in under 30 days. Vertex is the only company that offers 3D visualization at a massive scale with complex 3D model rendering on any device. We eliminate the need for data transformation, specific devices, expensive upgrades, and server capacity.

Valqari: Drone Delivery Infrastructure

Drone delivery is the only option that can provide that speed and cost savings, especially with an already overburdened last mile. Drones will heavily reduce costs, are entirely green, decrease last mile congestion, and vastly increase customer convenience. To reach a meaningful scale though, drones need a standardized, safe, and secure place to land. Valqari’s product line of drone delivery infrastructure solves that. Our universal infrastructure provides everything a drone needs for fully autonomous end-to-end deliveries from large hospital campuses to mailboxes to deliveries in isolated remote communities.