Fourth Revolution


October 13, 2020


MHub MxD


2020: Product of the Year

The Product of the Year recognizes a product design that is unique, improves user experience, and has an impact on productivity and the greater good.


Judging Criteria 

  • Importance of the problem being solved
  • Overarching product design (user experience, marketability, etc.) 
  • Significance of the impact on individuals and communities
  • Uniqueness of product and approach
  • Overall success and performance metrics (profitability, reputation, efficiency, etc.) 

  • The product design made a direct or indirect impact on the regional manufacturing industry
  • The product must be in market 
  • The product design was initially sold and/or distributed post October 2017
  • Concept designs are not permitted


  • Applications are submitted, a judging committee selects finalists and the public votes on the winner
  • Application

  • Please provide visual materials (image or file) to assess this category’s dependent criteria. (Images are preferred in clean PNGs or JPEGs) Maximum upload size 10MB.

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