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October 13, 2020


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Vote for 2020 Product of the Year Finalists

Voting closes Saturday, october 3rd At 11:59PM CT

The Ability Hand by PSYONIC

The PSYONIC Ability Hand is an affordable prosthetic hand with compliant fingers capable of pressure feedback. The compliance in the fingers give the hand flexibility to grasp objects naturally while still being able to hold over 50 lbs. In addition, compliance makes the fingers robust, allowing them to withstand blunt force impacts including blows from a hammer. Sensorization in the fingers generates pressure feedback, enabling patients to have finer control in manipulating delicate objects. It is also USB-C rechargeable and has Bluetooth to connect to our phone app. This technology solves many of the core issues facing commercially available prostheses today.

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Complete Control Gen2 by Coapt LLC

Coapt’s latest advancement in pattern recognition control technology for upper-limb prosthesis wearers. Gen2 is an add-on controller kit that offers unprecedented intuitiveness and makes prosthesis use more natural for patient lifestyles. 


Enduvo is a powerfully simple, immersive content authoring and delivery platform that gives people and organizations a better way to teach, learn and collaborate. It removes the complexity, inflexibility and high cost associated with developing content using AR/VR technologies. Enduvo allows anyone to create and share immersive experiences in minutes, without technical training and at a fraction of the cost.

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pDX by predictronics

The PDX platform is an end-to-end predictive analytics software solution that monitors critical assets by collecting, analyzing, and visualizing machine health data with the goal of reducing unplanned downtime, increasing productivity, and improving product quality. PDX utilizes a template-driven approach that significantly reduces the time required to develop and deploy a solution, as well as the time customers can expect to realize ROI. PDX contains a number of templates for common industrial equipment, such as industrial robots, press machines, and control valves, among others, that can be customized to suit a customer’s application.

By using PDX, businesses in nearly every industry segment are equipped with tools to avoid problems such as sudden machine failures, unnecessary maintenance, and waste.

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Tulip is a no-code application platform for industrial applications. No two operations are alike, and Tulip enables you to create and configure applications to meet the unique challenges of any operation. Tulip’s visual app development environment lets workers design, test, and deploy applications as fast as they can imagine them, without the need for coding. With embedded analytics, Tulip enables you to combine data from people, processes, and machines for an integrated view of production. Tulip bridges the gap between data that can be seen and data that can be used. With cloud and edge computing, you can connect machines and devices to bring a whole operation online. Whether ERP or MES or other, Tulip integrates with the full alphabet-soup of enterprise systems. Applications made for frontline workers extend mission-critical systems. Apps can scale effortlessly across lines and sites so the solutions grow with a customer, no matter what industrial domain they fall under.

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